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Hortillonnages International Garden Festival – Amiens 2019


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Bricole Bibendum

Bricole Bibendum
Tuesday April 23rd, 2019 Marine Bigot
  • Sylvie Bonnot © Art & jardins | Hauts-de-France
  • dessin représentant trois sculptures en chambre à air de tracteur noir, relié par des élastiques noirs et rouges. Les trois sculptures sont dans l'eau Sylvie Bonnot © Sylvie Bonnot

In the Venice lagoon, the bricole consists of three wooden stakes driven into the bottom of the navigable channels to warn boats of the presence of shallow water off the Serenissima. Inspired by this waymarking system, the artist Sylvie Bonnot revisited the bricole to imagine how they might look in the Hortillonnages in Amiens, also known as the Venice of vegetables. The artist relied on the original function of the Bricole Bibendum, the warning sign, to create structures that oscillate between sculpture and signage. The three monumental installations made from inner tubes mark out the course of the Festival from the Port à Salades up to the l’île des Aulnes. Lightweight in appearance, these inflated structures consist of a stack of sausage like inner tubes, closely fastened to each other with large black or red elastic belts. Anchored to the bottom of the stream, their grey silhouettes already blackened by the sun, they rise vertically up to three metres high, oscillating with the wind and the boats passing by.

The artist

Sylvie Bonnot

Born in 1982, Sylvie Bonnot lives and works in Saône-et-Loire. She graduated at the Beaux-Arts de Dijon and followed this up with field explorations, where she practiced photography as well as experimenting with many mediums. Her productions, from photography to sculpture, are regularly the subject of solo exhibitions, such as "The Inner Baikal", the transcription of a voyage on the Trans-Siberian Railway exhibited at the Bleu du Ciel Gallery in Lyon, in 2018.