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Hortillonnages International Garden Festival – Amiens 2019


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Le Bois des rémanents

Le Bois des rémanents
Friday April 6th, 2018 Marine Bigot
  • photographie de chemins délimités par des colonnes de rondins de bois, dans un sous-bois. Un enfant est assis dessus. Florent & Grégory Morisseau, Agence Chorème © Yann Monel
  • photographie d'une terrasse en bois, une structure en bois carré cadre une partie de la terrasse et propose un point de vue sur les Hortillonnages, une assise en bois accompagne cette structure Florent & Grégory Morisseau, Agence Chorème © Yann Monel

In the hortillonnages, the market gardens where vegetables are grown, wood was also produced which was highly valued at that time. From the trunk to the twig, from offcuts to woven wood, the remnants, pieces of abandoned  wood, found a second life. Stacked, sorted, arranged and aligned, this collection of wood was put to a variety of uses : fencing, heating, containers, mulching, compost etc. On the « Ile aux Fagots », left over willow branches were formed into bundles and used for harvesting vegetables. Today, « Le Bois des Rémanents » is home to intimate clearings linked by smooth paths, sometimes sheltered and sometimes bathed in sunshine near a stream. Found on the ground or as if they had fallen from the sky, the remnants come together and make new spaces here. Tree trunks, logs, branches, stalks, mulches…are fighting back and rising up, revitalised. Long benches, spun threads, Le Bois des Rémanents has again become a living space and a place to support life.

The artist

Florent & Grégory Morisseau

After twelve years of experience as project manager in various Parisian Landscape and urban planning agencies, Florent Morisseau founded Chorème in 2014. He had regularly worked with Grégory Morisseau, a landscape engineer and geographer. Florent Morisseau has mastered many rich and varied subjects in terms of programmes but also in terms of scale (from private gardens to research on natural spaces, from the public parks to urban planning). He has already produced two gardens for the festival : « Le Potager embarqué » at the Clermont Lake in 2010 – First prize from the French National Contest of Vegetable Gardens Competition 2012 and Street Lounges – at King’s Lynn in England in 2013.