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Hortillonnages International Garden Festival – Amiens 2019


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Le syndrome de la page blanche

Le syndrome de la page blanche
Monday April 16th, 2018 Marine Bigot
  • photographie d'une vue sur les Hortillonnages depuis la parcelle de l'oeuvre Syndrome de la page blanche. Un cube blanc est posé sur un parquet blanc, au bord de l'eau. Collectif Les jardiniers nomades © Yann Monel
  • photographie d'une vue sur un grand transat carré et sur l'étang de Clermont, depuis la deuxième parcelle de l'oeuvre Collectif Les jardiniers nomades © art & jardins - Hauts-de-France droits réservés
  • Collectif Les jardiniers nomades © art & jardins - Hauts-de-France droits réservés

An island stands in the centre of the étang de Clermont : four landscape archiects have set foot ther, to display a blank page open on to the Hortillonnages, a snow-white artistic gesture. Rather than a medium, the island becomes a work of art : at the entrance to the plot, a cabin made out of dark wooden planks has been preserved in its original condition so as not to alter its wooden architecture. Only its main façade has been exposed to the landscape, a window open to the tranquil presence of the water and the surrounding tangle of vegetation. The rectangle thus created frames the view like a picture, while the interior of the dwelling, painted white, is transformed into a light, intimate and tranquil room. The rest of the island also fits in with the white theme : thirty or so varieties of flowers have been planted in a flower meadow, an undulating stratum which emphasies the area’s slight gradient. On the banks, the tree trunks have been whitewashed to reveal their architectural strength. For relaxing, trampoline netting stretched over metal frames is transformed into giant sun loungers. The reversible installation delicately questions the future, ready to move aside to welcome future generations.

The artist

Atelier Les jardiniers nomades : Stanislas Bah Chuzeville, Arnaud Mermet-Gerlat, Michaël de Tourdonnet, Florian Michel

Stanislas Bah Chuzeville, born in 1984, Michael de Tourdonnet, born in 1982, Arnaud Mermet-Gerlat, born in 1985, and Florian Michel are landscape designers and hold Master’s degrees in architecture and landscaping from the University of Liège – Gembloux-Agro-Bio Tech, in Belgium. Together, they founded the collective « Les jardiniers nomads » to take part in the Amiens Hortillonnages festival, a challenge which fits in with their idea of the profession of landscape designer, as a creator of non-transposable spaces, rooted in a particular area.