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We thank you for coming in large numbers to discover the creations of the 12th edition of the International Garden Festival | Hortillonnages Amiens.
Currently closed, the Festival will reopen its doors from Thursday May 26 to Sunday October 16, 2022.

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ALEA > Free-birds collective, 2021

ALEA > Free-birds collective, 2021
Monday April 12th, 2021 Marine Bigot
  • Collectif Free Birds © Yann Monel
  • Collectif Free Birds © Yann Monel
  • Collectif Free-birds © Collectif Free-birds

The exhibit is inspired by Jules Verne’s novel, Five Weeks in a Balloon (1863). It is a contemporary delve into the universe of this writer from Amiens. The theme of travel is evoked by the crash of a hot air balloon, which is rather ironic given the current situation where travel is very restricted! The balloon envelope is intriguing: why is this «aerial shipwreck» in the Hortillonnages? What is it hiding? The accident would have certainly diverted travellers from their journey, leaving them unable to continue with their planned trip… ALEA here addresses the issue of failure andits effects on each of us; what is the result of a crash in terms of changes and the adaptive capacities of humans? By locating this damaged giant in a fragile and isolated environment, Free Birds hijacks the primary function of this balloon flying over the Earth: the eye is drawn to new or even unknown sensations and emotions that appear, it is an experience that has become rather common in these times of Covid-19.

The artist

Free-birds collective

Milena Oliveti - Chahinez Hannache - Théo Michau : a multicultural collective, Free-birds was naturally interested in the theme of travel and Jules Verne, an emblematic figure of the city of Amiens. The journeys of each member, and their view of the journey, a promise of escape, have made it possible to imagine a monumental installation that brings together their visions.