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International Garden Festival 
Hortillonnages Amiens

The 11th edition of the International Garden Festival | Hortillonnages Amiens is closed.
We will have the pleasure to meet you next year for the 12th edition, on the Étang de Clermont à Camon at the Port à Fumier for the course on boat or on the Île aux fagots from the Chemin de halage in Amiens for the course on foot.

Vestige > Céline Lastennet, 2018

Vestige > Céline Lastennet, 2018
Monday April 16th, 2018 Marine Bigot
  • Céline Lastennet © Yann Monel
  • Céline Lastennet © Yann Monel
  • Céline Lastennet © Céline Lastennet
  • Céline Lastennet © Yann Monel

Situated on wasteland on the “Ile aux fagots”, three inclined pylons are intertwined with their antennas replaced by rear view mirrors. For her exhibit Vestige, artist Céline Lastennet began with the observation of these large metal pylons that bristle on the edges of our cities. Their immense silhouettes bear witness to the stretching of the landscape, where dreams of progress turn into vertical panoramas which are frightening and fascinating at the same time. For Céline Lastennet, the “Hortillonnages” is an example of the wear and tear on these spaces, where it would be illusory to control the process of tearing things up and burying them. Her work oscillates between elevation and abandonment, a vestige of a future society or sign of a disaster to come. The assembly of antennas here, reverses the landmarks and distorts the usual perception of the space: playing with the reflections of the mirrors, the artist releases her work from the terrestrial anchorage. From high to low, the sky and the ground begin to merge, and the observer is overcome by vertigo before becoming once again the subject of gravity.

The artist

Céline Lastennet

Céline Lastennet was born in 1989 and graduated from the “Beaux-Arts in Paris”. Her work focuses on gravity, constantly probing its physical and conceptual limits to reflect the realities of contemporary life. She is currently in residence at the “Cité internationale des arts” in Paris.