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Online booking

Hortillonnages International Garden Festival – Amiens 2019


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International Garden Festival – Hortillonnages Amiens

From June 5th to October 18th 2019

Access & information

Walking Access

The île aux fagots and the île Robinson are accessible on foot via the towpath. There are perfect places for picnic !

Opening hours : Île aux fagots

  •  From June, 9th to September, 9th : Tuesday to Sunday, 12:30pm – 7pm
  • From September, 11th to October, 21st : Tuesday to Sunday, 2pm- 7pm

Access by boat

Embarkation at the Port à fumier, rue Roger Allou (opposite n°50) in Camon, étang de Clermont

Opening hours: Port à fumier

  • From June, 9th to September, 9th : Tuesday to friday, 1:30pm – 7pm, Saturday and sunday, 10am – 7pm
  • From September 12th to October 21st : Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 1:30pm – 7pm, Saturday and Sunday, 12:30pm – 7pm



+33 (0)6 78 53 55 92

During opening hours of the Port à Fumier or on this website. Only telephone bookings made during opening hours, or Internet bookings, with payment by debit/credit card, will be accept. Bookings will no longer be held after a delay of more than 15 minutes. Bookings will not be refunded. Last boat hire 2 hours before closing time.

  • Duration of visit : 2h30 max
  • Prices boat hire : 20€ (2 pers.), 26€ (3,4 pers.), 32€ (5,6 pers.)
  • Free for children under 3 years of age
  • Student groups : 26€ per boat (thanks to contact us for group reservations)

Since September 1st, 2018, the agglomeration has set a fee of one euro per visitor to maintain the hortillonnages and save the site. This tax is included in our rates which have evolved accordingly.

And also a shuttle-boat located by the towpath, for the benefit of the visitors holding a reservation at the Port à Fumier (subject to availability), links the île Robinson to the Port à fumier to facilitate visits between the two sites where the works are situated.



Réservation en ligne

11th edition of  the International Garden Festival – Hortillonnages Amiens
application opened until January 7, 2020
Download here the call for bids ENG

An artistic and landscaped trip in the heart of The Hortillonnages of Amiens
> a beautiful aesthetic and poetic escape

The ninth edition of the festival « Art, cities & landscape – Hortillonnages Amiens » is evolving and is under new management. While still working in collaboration with the « Maison de la Culture d’Amiens », it is now the creative label « Art & jardins – Hauts-de-France » which will organise the international garden festival.

The festival was conceived as a real means of supporting young creation and is more than ever rooted in the territory that it promotes and is involved in the natural environment that it strives to protect. « Art, cities & landscape » offers ways of reflecting on the issues of the contemporary world. How do we preserve our natural resources? Which modes of consumption and which agricultural models should we use? What is the place of nature in the city and what is man’s place in nature? Over and above the major environmental issues, the festival is involved locally and welcomes all year round a job integration workshop with responsibility for maintaining and cultivating the islands and the exhibits on display to the public.

This year once again, it is a landscaped voyage, a real artistic adventure that awaits you in the heart of the floating gardens of Amiens. Whether on foot from the « Île aux Fagots », or by boat from the « Port à Fumier », there are 46 gardens and exhibits by young landscapers, architects and visual artists that we will unveil to you in a timeless adventure off the beaten track.

As in previous years, investment is made in new public places. On the Rivery lake and on Robinson Island, festival-goers, residents and walkers on the Malaquis path or the towpath, will discover the very latest exhibits.  Further afield in the Somme valley and throughout the region, the label « Art & jardins – Hauts-de-France » presents a multitude of landscape gardens for you to visit in all seasons.