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Sphère nourricière

Sphère nourricière
Monday April 16th, 2018 Marine Bigot
  • photographie d'un jardin avec un long chemin en bois au milieu aux lignes cassées. Autour des cultures dans des bacs circulaires et beaucoup de végétation. Au fond, un dôme en saules Manon Bordet Chavanes, Marie Bregeon, Johann Laskowski © Yann Monel
  • photographie d'un cercle ouvert au sommet d'un dôme de saules en feuilles Manon Bordet Chavanes, Marie Bregeon, Johann Laskowski © Yann Monel

The world presented by the landscape designers Manon Bordet-Chavanes, Marie Brégeon and Johann Laskowski is based on a reflection on food. Sphère nourricière, as their garden is called, is organised around a hemisphere of plants. At the entrance to the route, cracked and impoverished ground leads the visitor through a bare environment, rendered sterile by intensive farming: to find abundance again, the visitor must move towards the centre of the garden, under a sky of fertile drops. The latter, symbolised by calabashes, are symbolic of the benefits of eco-friendly farming techniques. From ramial chipped wood to lasagne gardening, they are depicted in small, lush craters, through an educational route which finishes under a dome of woven willow. Inside, ivies and brambles make way for blooming and flowery vegetation: a city-garden, where edible, perfumed and colourful plants grow, in a biosphere where balance has been restored.

The artist

Manon Bordet Chavanes, Marie Bregeon, Johann Laskowski

Manon Bordet-Chavanes is the founder of Terres Paysagées and an agronomist. Here she collaborates with two landscape designers, Marie Brégeon and Johann Laskowski: the first works on communal gardens with a medical role, while the second, trained in agro-ecological techniques, supports small scale and urban farming projects through his agency Epigénie. Acting as a collective, they use this project to question their profession.