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International Garden Festival | Hortillonnages Amiens

To all visitors, 
We thank you for coming in large numbers to discover the creations of the 12th edition of the International Garden Festival | Hortillonnages Amiens.
Currently closed, the Festival will reopen its doors from Thursday May 26 to Sunday October 16, 2022.

For any request, we invite you to send us an email at communication@artetjardins-hdf.com 

We look forward to welcoming you on the next edition !

The team of Art & Jardins | Hauts-de-France

Le jardin brise-lames > Piano Paysage, Atelier L.Paysage, 2019

Le jardin brise-lames > Piano Paysage, Atelier L.Paysage, 2019
Tuesday April 23rd, 2019 Marine Bigot
  • Piano Paysage, Atelier L. Paysage © Yann Monel
  • Piano Paysage, Atelier L. Paysage © Yann Monel
  • Piano Paysage, Atelier L. Paysage © Piano Paysage, Atelier L. Paysage
  • Piano Paysage, Atelier L. Paysage © Yann Monel

Since the inception of the Festivals, erosion of the banks has threatened the Hortillonnages and this has prompted many exhibits. The project Le Jardin brise-lames, designed by 2 workshops, Piano Landscape and Atelier L., is based on the principle of cleft paling, which is a fence made from strips of wood that was traditionally used to maintain sand dunes. In this instance, it is used not as part of a beach, but around an island where the banks are deteriorating. Positioned vertically, the cleft paling surrounds the degraded river bank: in doing so, it makes it possible to store bundles of wood as well as larger pieces of wood behind it and to maintain the garden that is in contact with the bank. As it decomposes, the vegetable matter recreates a substrate that consolidates the eroded riverbank. Above the surface, a bench which acts as a breakwater to calm the waves generated by the passage of boats, protects the island and provides a seat and an observation post to study the surrounding islets. Inside the plot, there is a teaching garden where the natural flora of the marsh grows freely, each plant is labelled so that it can be identified.

The artist

Collectif Piano Paysage : Gwenaëlle Charrier et Pierre David Collectif Atelier L. Paysage : Florine Lacroix et David Belamy

Founded in 2016 by two landscapers, Gwenaëlle Charrier and Pierre David, Piano Paysage places the transformation of territories around the Mediterranean at the very heart of its approach. Atelier L. Paysage was also founded in 2016, and also consists of two landscapers; Florine Lacroix and David Belamy, whose creations focus on plants and their resources. All of these landscapers studied together at the École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage de Versailles - Marseille, where they learned ecology, project economics, genius loci and the design of spaces.