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International Garden Festival 
Hortillonnages Amiens

The 11th edition of the International Garden Festival | Hortillonnages Amiens is closed.
We will have the pleasure to meet you next year for the 12th edition, on the Étang de Clermont à Camon at the Port à Fumier for the course on boat or on the Île aux fagots from the Chemin de halage in Amiens for the course on foot.

Le jardin destock > Wagon Landscaping, 2018

Le jardin destock > Wagon Landscaping, 2018
Thursday May 3rd, 2018 Marine Bigot
  • Wagon Landscaping © Yann Monel
  • Wagon Landscaping © Yann Monel
  • Wagon Landscaping © Wagon Landscaping

Le jardin destock > Wagon Landscaping, 2018

Le jardin destock evokes the history of river trade and expresses the richness of a form of “nature at work”. Covered with gravel, as if a barge had forgotten there one of its loadings, the garden mixes a vegetable pallet composed of essences resulting from the wasteland, which evokes the reconquest of a forgotten load, but also coming from alpine medium, which expresses the richness and diversity of species that can settle on poor soil. This varied palette aims to produce spreading floristic events, promoting the development of biodiversity to be observed during workshops organized by the lock house, gateway to the future PNR of Somme Picardie Maritime. This “nature at work” is protected and staged by a wooden structure that hosts a series of deckchairs. This seating line is oriented towards the spectacle of the passage of a boat in the lock, but also to the amazing heritage of the village, marker of past wealth, which deserves the “break” of cyclists and walkers who borrow the old towpath.

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  • 2018
  • Walking access

The artist

Wagon Landscaping : Mathieu Gontier

Wagon Landscaping, strives to find simple, economical answers, adapted to the needs of the users and the field of intervention. A practice of "already there", serving the site and the environment, with development projects located in France, from Marseille to Dunkirk via Paris, but also in Belgium or Russia! Wagon Landscaping has been selected for the Art, cities & landscape project in King's Lynn, England and also created Le Jardin d'Erode with the participation of Chloé Francisci for the Art, Cities & Landscape festival in 2011.