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International Garden Festival 
Hortillonnages Amiens
July 14 – October 18, 2020

As part of the COVID-19 prevention system, the entire team of Art & jardins | Hauts-de-France is mobilized to accompany you in your discovery journey of the Festival with all the necessary sanitary measures : hydroalcoholic gel kiosks are at your disposal; wearing a mask is compulsory; for your safety, we ask you to respect the direction of visit, and to listen attentively to the rules of use of the boats before boarding; animals are not allowed. After each trip, life vests, boats, oars and engines are disinfected; all group visits are suspended until further notice. We wish you a pleasant artistic and cultural walk with complete peace of mind.
Gilbert Filling
Director of Art & jardins | Hauts-de-France

Île aux Fagots – Amiens
Free and open access in wandering
From the Beauvillé Bridge in Amiens, join the towpath and enter by n°43 on Île aux Fagots to discover a first space presenting a dozen artistic and landscape creations; on leaving, extend your visit to Robinson Island along the Somme.
> July 14 – August 31 • Tuesady to Sunday, 12:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.
> September 1st – October 18 • Wednesday to Sunday, 1:30 to 7 p.m.

Port à Fumier – Camon
Paying access with rental of an electric boat
Rent an electric boat from Camon at the Port à Fumier, 35 rue Roger Allou (at the parking level), and navigate for 2 and a half hours from one plot to another to explore the gardens and appreciate the facilities around the Clermont pond.
> July 14 – August 31 • Tuesday to Friday, 1:00 p.m. to 7 p.m. / Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
> September 1st – October 18 • Wednesday to Friday, 1:00 p.m. to 7 p.m. / Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The ONLINE TICKET is open !
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The rental price of an electric boat is available according to the number of people, from 1 to 6 max.
> 19€ / 1-2 pers. • 24€ / 3-4 pers. • 29€ / 5-6 pers. • free – 3 years
plus the ASCO fee for the protection & preservation of Hortillonnages
> 1€ / 11 and over • 0.50€ / 3-10 years

Roques > Atelier Faber, 2020

Roques > Atelier Faber, 2020
Monday April 6th, 2020 Marine Bigot

Roques > Atelier Faber, 2020

Roques is a landscape installation offering a contemplative stopover for visitors of the Hortillonnages. Between poetry and ecological positioning, the work remind to the walker the fragility of this environment, and more generally on the phenomena of artificialisation of soil and progressive reduction of agricultural land. Over the centuries and under the pressure of urban expansion, the area of ​​Hortillonnages has grown from several thousand hectares to 300 hectares today. The virtual disappearance of market gardening has led to the modification of the boundaries and structure of this territory. And if the Hortillonnages are today protected by the activity of associations acting for the safeguard of this exceptional site and the return of market gardening, between 60,000 and 80,000 hectares of agricultural land are artificialized in France each year, the equivalent of 20 m² of land per second. How, faced with the urgency of the ecological transition, make visitors of the Hortillonnages sensitive to this phenomenon ? Roques takes the form of a pavilion dedicated to the elements of the landscape : soil, water and sky.  It places the ground at the center of the spatial composition. The action on the material, the earth and the wood, is the starting point for the production of this highly qualified space. Acting on the senses of the public, Roques gives to rethink our relationship to the world and to nature: the interior surface of 20 m² corresponds to the surface of artificialized soil every second in France. Everyone can take the measure of the phenomenon in progress during their visit. The wooden board, commonly used to maintain the banks of the Hortillonnages, is the only element used for the installation. According to the traditional construction method of stacked wood, the boards are superimposed on each other, without glue, nails or screws to form the walls and the roof. The construction thus refers to the palisades of wood ubiquitous on the site. The box roof is open to the interior. It lets in light, wind and rain that can fall on the ground. The boundaries of the enclosure and the cover are no longer perceptible, bringing nature into the interior of space.


The artist

Atelier Faber

Atelier Faber is interested in the relationships between architecture, art and landscape. It was established in Paris in 2019 by Luca Antognoli and Gabriel Pontoizeau, architects and teachers. Their craft practice seeks to enhance the relationship between thinking and doing it. With their favorite tools such as models, prototypes and drawing, they develop a working method that is based on plastic experiments putting matter, construction and atmosphere into contact. Their work seeks to repair the link between man and his environment by producing spaces that act on visitors' senses, making the magic of reality perceptible.