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Le jardin du silence > Czechoslovak Garden of Peace, 2021

Le jardin du silence > Czechoslovak Garden of Peace, 2021
Thursday November 25th, 2021 Marine Bigot
  • SLLA architectes & Atelier Dino © SLLA architectes & Atelier Dino

Le jardin du silence > Czechoslovak Garden of Peace, 2021

The Czechoslovak Garden of Peace pays tribute to Czech and Slovak soldiers who fought alongside the Triple Accord during World War I. Located next to the French necropolis of “Chestres” which houses 282 bodies of Czechoslovak soldiers and a monument dedicated to these fighters, Le Jardin du silence is an immersive walk that leads the visitor on a journey through a high and narrow trench in the heart of a birch grove. These 282 trees, in homage to the fallen soldiers, create a kind of white mist by the quantity of trunks and branches, which plunges the walker into an atmosphere reminiscent of the feeling of fog which reigned on the battlefield and the blindness. caused by combat gas. Bearers of different symbols, the birch evokes as much the fragility of human existence, through its short life expectancy, as youth and life; it is a bearer of hope. At the edge of the grove, lined with massive lime trees, the density of birch trees decreases and the visitor discovers the landscape. In the garden, the birch trees will die to make way for the lime trees, which are the symbol of the motherland for Slovaks and Czechs. Thousands of snowdrops will be planted in the lawn, under the birch trees, as heralds of the end of the winter during which the Czechoslovak fighters sacrificed their lives.

The artist

SLLA Architects & Atelier Dino

SLLA is an architectural office based in Bratislava founded in 2013. For the project of the May Community Center in České Budějovice received the CE.ZA.AR award, a nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Award and a finalist for the Czech Architecture Prize. SLLA is currently working on the projects of new residential structures, revitalization of existing areas and public spaces, the project of the revitalization of the New Boulevard in Žilina among them. Atelier Divo was established in 2018, based in Brno, Czech Republic, in the area of the ecological center "Open Garden". Currently, the portfolio of works consists of projects from public spaces in large-scale developments, through parks, to small family gardens and interventions in public space of the smallest scale. Projects often combine nature-friendly solutions with an emphasis on the overall atmosphere of the proposed spaces.