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Hortillonnages International Garden Festival – Amiens 2019


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Gardens of peace


australian garden

Around the Pheasant Wood Cemetery

Car park of the museum of the battle of Fromelles :
Rue de la Basse ville, 59249 Fromelles

Le Quesnoy

new-zealand garden
portuguese garden
belgian garden

At the foot of the fortifications

59530 Le Quesnoy


canadian garden

Near the reception center

Canadian Memorial Park, Chemin des Canadiens, RD55, 62580 Vimy



french garden

Near the ring of Memory

D58E3, Chemin du mont de Lorette, 62153 Ablain-Saint-Nazaire



scottish garden

Near the cemetery of Faubourg d’Amiens

Boulevard du Général de Gaulle, 62000 Arras



english garden
welsh garden

between the reception center and the British memorial

Thiepval Mémorial 80300 Authuille


irish garden
northern ireland garden

in the moats of the castle

Square André Audinot, 80200 Péronne

Craonne - Chemin des Dames

german garden
italian garden
moroccan garden

Car Park of the Observatory Tower of Chemin des Dames, 02160 Craonne

Clairière de l'Armistice

franco-german garden

Clairière de l’Armistice

Damaged by the brutality of the twentieth century conflicts, the Hauts-de-France Region has chosen to celebrate the heritage of tomorrow and to affirm the resilience of the territory through landscape art and artistic creation. There will be 15 gardens of remembrance created near the memorial sites of the Great War. Art & jardins Hauts-de-France and the Great War Centenary Mission, who are managing the project, will bring a strong and lasting memorial project, in the colours of the nations erected by this global conflict. Over the years and through the creations of gardens, this project will illustrate the diversity of countries engaged in this major con ict and who have chosen to embrace the cause of peace in this contemporary world.

  • Fromelles australian garden (2019)
  • Le Quesnoy new zealand garden, portuguese garden, belgian garden
  • Vimycanadian garden
  • Notre-Dame-de-Lorette : french garden
  • Neuville-saint-Vaast : Czech and Slovak garden (end of 2018)
  • Arras : scottish garden
  • Thiepval : english garden, welsh garden
  • Péronne : irish garden and northern ireland garden
  • Chemin des dames : german garden, italian garden, moroccan garden
  • Clairière de l’Armistice in Compiègne forest : franco-german garden
  • Zonnebeke in Belgium : French Garden (2018/2019)